Eau Claire Escape Room

We’re excited to announce our new location will be opening at Oakwood Mall in August 2017. Reservations now available at this new location!
Try our new 30 minute escape!

The Rooms

Pipeworks Race
Ages 9+2 - 12 Participants

Pipeworks is Wisconsin’s 2nd Escape Competition Room. Groups of 4-8 will have the option to run one room in regular escape room style or two identical rooms in competition style. Please be aware that groups will be combined with other groups unless the private booking option is used and this may impact what style is run.

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Company Like Fish
Ages 9+2 - 6 Participants

Uncle John came to stay for a week. On the 4th day of his visit, he disappeared leaving all his stuff behind. Where did he go and what should we do with his stuff??? Wait…Why is this suitcase so heavy?

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Funeral Home
Ages 9+4 - 10 Participants

It’s a great day… for a funeral??? Poor Holly has died and many came to mourn her demise… but what was that tricky cause of death and …WAIT, what is up with that door??? Solve this challenge in less than 60 minutes and claim your fame on our leaderboard!

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Throne Game
Ages 9+4 - 12 Participants

This game meant for mature players only. The enemy is about to attack! They come to destroy the throne and it is your clan’s legacy! You will be given 60 minutes to secure the throne, your King and defend the camp from the enemy! If you succeed you live… if you fail… well……. let’s not leave that as an option!

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